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For many businesses, live action video works great. Especially for very visual subjects like stunning facilities or a beautiful landscape, or to demonstrate something physical and literal.

However, there are just as many cases where live action is the wrong kind of video to deliver your business message.

What are the alternatives to live video?

The obvious alternative is animation. An animated video covers a broad spectrum of visual styles and techniques. The best thing about animation is that you are not limited by what is physically possible. Plus, film location costs are quashed faster than you can say ‘ACTION’!

Top 5 reasons to choose an animated video

Animated Video - Square Daisy

1. You can make anything (within reason). Animation releases you from the constraints of reality. You can fly through the clouds, travel along the surface of a printed circuit board, expand the layers of a hi-tech waterproof fabric, transport from a science lab to a beach in seconds and invent machines and monsters for any situation. Camera movements that are impossible in the real world are a breeze in the world of animation.

animated video

2. Represent non-visual products. Animation or motion graphics are the perfect way to demonstrate a product or service that isn’t easy or interesting to film, like software, or web platform, or concept. These subjects often need illustrations to make sense, and adding a voice-over to explain key features and benefits or to tell the story of the concept can really bring your business to life.


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3. Pump up your brand. For many small and medium businesses the work they do is not represented by the premises they work from. Although your office may not be glamorous, the work that you produce is high quality and effective, but that doesn’t mean you want your functional office space to represent your brand. By using motion graphics to represent your business we can use your established brand identity and reinforce that with a colour palette, slick animation and absolutely no shots of taupe carpet or swivel chairs.

This not only provides you with branded marketing material that can be distributed across social media networks, but also gives the impression of a bigger business, without revealing the size of your premises or the demographic of your employees.



4. Super effective messaging. With animated video you can combine images and text to really emphasise the message you want to get across. You can literally spell out a solution with typography, or break down a process into simplified stages. The world is full of symbols and iconography which convey meaning quickly and effectively without complex detail. Humans are very good at deriving meaning from images and as creatives we are specialists in encoding information into messages that are easy to understand.


5. You have more control over production. Most people have some grasp of how a film production is put together. You need a location and permission to film there, equipment, a crew to operate the equipment, good weather and cooperative members of the public. So many of these factors are either out of your control, or costly to move into your control. With animated video the pre-production, asset creation, production and distribution can all happen from inside one room.

Additionally, the scope of an animated film can be easily adjusted to fit time and budget constraints, giving you more control of your investment.

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