Video to support a crowdfunding pitch

Why crowdfunding?

Low interest rates and the appetite for investors of all sizes to make more use of their money, combined with the innovative use of technology has brought about several successful crowdfunding platforms, such as Kickstarter, Crowdcube and GoFundMe.

Crowdfunding turns the traditional method of raising funds for a business idea on its head. Until recently, the most common route was to pitch the business idea to a limited number of wealthy individuals or investment companies. Crowdfunding allows the entrepreneur to pitch their idea to many. Investment may start with family and friends then spreads to a wider network for an even greater reach, gaining relatively small investments from many sources.

Improve the success of a crowdfunding pitch with video

One fundamental part of gaining investment hasn’t changed; that is a quality pitch.

Whether you are pitching an innovative product or a new service, you can’t expect investors to read huge reams of information to get a sense of what your proposition is all about. They have too many to read. You’re in danger of them skipping right past your idea.

Producing an engaging video will substantially increase your chances of gaining the investors interest.

The video about your product or service should include:

  • Why it is different
  • The gap in the market it fills and
  • Who will buy it

Compared to a document filled with pages of words, a video will provide a far more rapid understanding for the investors and improve the chances of positive action by them.

Here’s an example of a pitch video we created for Ayres and Co.

In fact, research shows that a majority of successfully funded campaigns have a video supporting the pitch (although the statistics vary wildly), however that isn’t the full story.

An interesting US article cited merely having a supporting video wasn’t enough. Success depended on the quality of the video. A poorly conceived and executed video, such as a homemade video or one which went on for too long, could actually have negative implications on the success of the crowdfunding campaign.

Making a video yourself is time consuming, difficult and frankly a waste of time and effort. The smart thing to do is to make an investment and engage an agency, like us, to do it for you.

Here’s another example of a crowdfunding video for Catchy.

With something as important as a crowdfunding campaign investing in a professionally made video could be the difference between tens of thousands of pounds and getting your dream off and running, or not achieving your target.

We created this explainer video for Element Twenty, which forms part of a pitch.

Knowing the value of creating a video for a crowdfunding pitch makes it one of the most important investments you will make.

We find crowdfunding campaigns hugely exciting, so do get in touch and tell us about yours. We’d be delighted to help you create the video.


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