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“When your location is a key selling point - whether it’s a cool office space or an impressive building - it’s always worth getting some external shots to add context and interest to your video”

Yuza mobile, a London based apps company, commissioned a video for their website homepage to convey the key messages of their business.

As a corporate video, it tells the story of the business, rather than pushing a particular service or product. Much of the footage focuses on their Central London location and the mobile devices that they develop for. It was important to show the people behind the business, and to portray them as approachable and personable, whilst simultaneously showing the scope of their work and their big clientele.

This was achieved during a one day shoot in Central London using a Canon 5DmkII camera, glide track and full lens kit. Editing was done using FCPX and animations in AE.

To give an edge to the edit we colour graded and applied a vignette to the shots, using handheld camera techniques and timelapse to break up the shots of screens and faces.

The audio bedding is contemporary and hints to the technological subject matter, providing a quick pace to cut to. We interspersed the edit with title cards in the company colour palette, to tie into the branding and to deliver key information that wasn’t explicit in the edit.

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