Happy Birthday to us!

On our birthday, I hope you’ll forgive some self indulgence on my part.

It was late March 2011 and the company I had been working for was facing some troubles financially and the size of the workforce was slimmed considerably.  I drove back from the office in Sheffield back to Leicester where I was living at the time, and thought to myself “why don’t I just start out on my own?”

And I did. 

Along with two good friends, Dave and Amo, we created Square Daisy.  Incorporated on the 14th April 2011 but officially launched on the 4th May.

Dave, Amo and I parted company as business partners but remain good friends, and for the last 7 years I have built the company up, employing some fantastic team members who have all left the business in better shape than when they joined it.

Like many right now as we celebrate our 9th birthday, the celebrations aren’t as we would have planned them – a glass of wine over Zoom perhaps – but that’s fine.



To all the customers who have supported us over the years, we’ve loved working with you and helping in some small way to your own goals and objectives through the services we’ve provided.

To the many suppliers we’ve used, you’ve helped us to build a great company and it is the work that you do behind the scenes which allows us to keep going, and keep growing.

To the team, past and present, thank you for bringing your creativity in every day, applying yourselves in the way you do and putting up with my idiosyncrasies!

And to all the other small business owners out there, whether it’s your first month or 25th anniversary – well done.  It’s hard most of then time, it’s lonely occasionally, and we rarely switch off…but we wouldn’t want to do anything else or have it any other way. 

This crisis is testing everyone, financially, emotionally, spiritually and in ways some of us just can’t conceive.  Stay positive, stay the course, reach out to those who’s counsel you value and dig in – brighter days are ahead, i’m sure of it.

Look after yourselves and each other, and thanks for indulging me.

Scribbled signature for Jovan










The original Square Daisy Team of Amo, Dave and Jovan in Amo's old flat in Northampton back in 2011
The original Square Daisy team of Amo, Dave and Jovan in Amo’s old flat in Northampton back in 2011 where it all started. All still good friends and in touch but doing different things.

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