DIY video versus Professional video

Advances in technology has made producing video content accessible to every business owner.

Cameras on smart phones improve with every new version that’s released. Couple this with a huge choice of low cost microphones and a host of editing applications, there’s no reason for any business not to take advantage of the benefits that video can bring.

However, the DIY video is not always the best option to take. There are times when it is okay to do it yourself, but time where you really need to use a professional video production company.

What are the differences between DIY and Professional video?

Whilst everyone has access to the tools to create a video, the differences between DIY and Pro always comes down to quality. Quality of equipment; cameras, microphones and lighting and quality (experience and skill) of the operators and editors.

DIY is perfect for video blogging (also known as vlogging), which is a more informal chat to camera, often uploaded daily or weekly.

Corporate videos need to be professionally shot, reflecting the quality of service or products you offer.

If you still believe that you can create a quality video yourself, take a look at the differences side by side in our explainer video ‘Don’t go DIY for your marketing video’.

Being huge fans of video for marketing we want to encourage you to make your own videos, but there is a time and a place.

When should you use professional video?

Always go professional for:

• Homepage video on your website
• Main promotional video as part of a marketing campaign
• Presentation video for sales pitches or conferences
Exhibition video

You never get a second chance to make a great first impression. An iPhone video gives totally the wrong message. It screams ‘quick and cheap’ and ‘homemade’, which will inevitably put many people off.

Don’t underestimate the power of a great video to engage your audience. A well thought through professional video can be lucrative, so do it properly.

It’s not just the quality of the production you’re buying into when you engage a video production company. You’re benefiting from the knowledge and skill of the video producers.

Different messages lend themselves to different styles of video. The video produce should advise you on whether your message is best delivered using animated video or live footage. In the case of the former you’ll, definitely need to hire a professional.

A really great video production company will help you refine and tighten up your key messaging. They may event suggest a different perspective, which you’d not thought about, so tap into their experience.

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When should you do it yourself?

We mentioned video blogging earlier. You may wish to make every fourth blog article on your website a Vlog. People do business with people they like, trust and can relate to, so it’s important that your potential clients see and hear you. DIY videos are completely appropriate for this.

A great example of using DIY video is a Square Daisy client that runs a high-end marquee company. Many people think that marquees will be wet and cold and blow away in the wind. Changing opinions is hugely important, because it is their biggest barrier to sales.

Using an iPhone video on a wet and windy day, they recorded some outside footage with the wind howling and the rain teeming down. They then moved inside the marquee where there was no noise from the wind. Next, the iPhone zoomed in on a thermometer, which showed it was nice and warm and dry. These images are far more powerful than had they written a blog to bust the myth.

For the marquee companies video, the microphone on the iPhone was adequate. However, the biggest issue with DIY videos is often the sound. Investing in high quality microphones is a must, especially if the video contains a lot of talking. Good sound quality can make the difference between a video that you captures the audience’s attention and one that’s ineffective.

Over to you!

Now there’s no excuse, so get vlogging!

But, remember when it’s time to creating an impactful corporate video, ask the experts. Ask Square Daisy!


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