Training Videos

Getting the right staff is really hard. Keeping them is equally difficult. So training them to be better at what they do is a great way to increase staff retention. Training Videos are a great way to deliver bespoke training to your team in a cost effective and flexible way.

Training videos, either for internal or external use.

To keep your standards high, your skills at the industry cutting edge and your customers serviced as well as they should be, you need to invest in training videos.

The two things that always get cut in hard times are training and marketing budgets.  However, these are arguable two of the most important aspects of business. Why? Because properly trained staff increases productivity, raises customer satisfaction and saves you money in the long-run.

At Square Daisy we create a suite of training videos that can be used for your staff in a host of ways. 

Benefits include:

  • Consistency of message for every member of staff
  • Training videos removes logistical issues and costs. Use a video to cut down on the travel, accommodation and peripheral costs of training. Staff can complete training at home or at the desk 
  • It is entirely scalable. One video can reach 10, 20, 200, 2000 people at the very same time, meaning the cost per session is reduced on an ongoing basis
  • The trainer can be a recognisable face in the company. Employees will have respect for them and the knowledge that they hold
  • Showcase environments and scenarios which may ordinarily be impossible to do in a session due to travel requirement, or access during business hours
  • Simplify health and safety training and other induction elements, perfect for new starters

The training videos can be a mixture of delivery options, offering you complete flexibility

Options include:

  • A presenter against a green screen delivering to camera using an autocue
  • Graphics on screen showing how something works, a calculation or a product listing 
  • Live action videography that shows how to actually do something. Use motion tracking or on screen bullet points to really enhance the viewers understanding of what is happening
  • Animations to  generate a greater understanding
  • For training which involves construction, agriculture or leisure we can also shoot footage using our drone, for an enhanced production value

There are so many options with training videos to help your staff to become better at what they do:

  • Induction videos that show the company structure and feature some messages from key staff and footage from various sites
  • Health and safety videos that ensure viewers are able to understand the risks and hazards in their new workplace 
  • Product training, process training, customers service training and any other guidance that your team may require

Depending on the number of staff and the cost of the training you normally deliver, our cost per head for training videos becomes a fraction of what is normally paid out.

As a full service digital agency we are also able to offer development skills to create an internal training platform where all the courses are in-house. Complete with password login, tests, workbooks and completion records offering a digital record of staff engagement.

Some of our Training Videos videos

If training is giving you a headache and you want to reclaim control of the costs and outputs, contact us. Our training videos help you deliver more training, of better quality, for a lower cost per head.

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