Talent Acquisition

There is a war for talent and to attract the best and the brightest you need to market your opportunities like you market your products and services. Engaging and inspiring video content can deliver this.

The problem that exists

Most employers in the UK say that the biggest asset their business has is their employees, and one of the top barriers to growth is recruiting ‘the right people’.  Few would dispute the validity of both of these claims, however there is a disconnect with how employers are dealing with both of them.

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Getting good staff is hard, keeping them can be equally challenging.  It isn’t just about the salary anymore, and while the monetary aspect will always play a big part, it is about much more than that for a different generation of talented individuals.  Candidates want to know what kind of organisation they are potentially going to be part of, and existing staff will start to look elsewhere if their needs aren’t being met.  Investing time and energy into training and development, family friendly policies, highlighting and addressing equality and diversity issues and being a good corporate citizen are all fundamental aspects.

There is a war for talent at the minute and quite a few employers are not doing all they can to attract the best and the brightest in the market for a job.  Generally speaking when an opportunity is advertised a candidate will go straight to the company website to find out more about the organisation.

An enormously high percentage of any website is dedicated to enticing potential customers to buy the advertised product or service, explaining why it is better than competitors, what the history of the company is and offering credentials for credibility.  But there is often very little ‘selling’ the opportunity to potential staff.

Why then, when companies have a real issue attracting quality employees, do they not try harder to market to them, instead putting in place a cursory ‘careers page’ that has some very vanilla statements on?  If this approach was replicated for customers, the business may not be running for long.

What are the key issues and how does a renewed approach to advertising Careers help address them?

  • Recruitment is a real headache for businesses of all sizes and is frequently in the top three issues that businesses face and struggle to address
  • There is a recognition that the labour pool of ‘Generation Y’ and ‘Millennials’ are looking for more from an employer than just the remuneration and job description.  They are more socially aware and want to know what the company stands for, how it treats its employees, what it does for the local community and how it impacts on the environment – the needs of the labour market are shifting and organisations that recognise this and promote their activities will get the best candidates.
  • For some businesses that employ low-skilled staff as well as highly trained or experienced team members, the message isn’t tailored to their individual needs, which means neither cohort are properly engaged or inspired.
  • There is a need to take a strategic look at how employers present their organisation to prospective candidates, being able to attract the best and brightest for each job to gain competitive advantage over rivals.
  • An employers website is always geared towards customer engagement with candidate engagement given very little budget or resources, often because it sits under marketing spend – which the marketing team are not targeted on.
  • Delivering a video or series of videos to support the core employee stakeholder messages is extremely powerful and a clear competitive advantage, as precious few business are currently doing it – or at least exclusively for talent acquisition. 
  • By adding high-production-value video, it allows easier sharing and dissemination among each viewer’s networks, therefore creating a better reach and a higher probability of receiving applications from the best and brightest in the jobs market.   In addition to this, it will also deter the wrong kind of candidate from applying, whose values are not shared by the company, creating a tangible time-saving on candidate filtering and a better match after interview.
  • There is a strong case for the Talent approach delivering a significant ROI, through both tangible and intangible ways.  Using video to drive awareness and a web environment to deliver engagement, the cost of recruitment can be dramatically reduced.  Secondly, by targeting candidates with the right skills and attitudes can reduce poor applications and thirdly, there is a huge amount of positive PR and customer engagement to be had by showcasing the ethos of your business and the value you place on your workforce.

Video Content

Having an area for potential recruits to visit and gather pertinent information to convince them why you are a great company to work for is vey important, but trends in the way that information is consumed and how to draw individuals to your site have changed.  Video content is now an important and highly effective part of the wider communications mix, and is a key element of the Talent offer.

We have in-house video production facilities that allow us to bolster the content on the site with high production value video content designed to appeal to your target audience, inspiring and educating them.

We have capacity and expertise to deliver live action video content, animated video or a mixture of both.

This content can sit on the site but crucially, also be used as a tool which is proactively pushed out via a range of digital channels to capture the interest of recruits and draw them back to the careers microsite to find out more.

Some examples of video content might be:

  • Corporate promo directed at employee engagement rather than customers
  • A message from the CEO or MD on what the company stands for and why it is a great opportunity for quality candidates
  • Animated process video showing the recruitment and induction process
  • Case study of different members of staff explaining their progression in the company
  • Animation on the different CSR activities that the organisation is part of
  • Suite of short edits highlighting benefits of working there designed for social media deployment
  • Edit explaining the various opportunities available in learning, development and progression
  • A welcome from the CEO or MD sent the day before the new starter

All of this video content is entirely bespoke – conceived and created specifically for your company, with your messaging, personality and branding applied.


5 out of 5 stars

Examples of Talent Acquisition

What Our Clients Say

Nicolle Kane - Marketing Manager, Memset

Square Daisy recently produced two videos, the team made the whole project painless and simple, from scriptwriting to storyboards. While the videos are part of the relaunch of the company next year, they have already proven a hit internally. And we're already planning more for next year! Could not recommend working with Square Daisy enough!

Russ Mckenzie - Managing Director, nTrust

We work with Square Daisy on both web and video projects and have always found them to be extremely professional and a joy to work with. While they are highly process driven to ensure clients get what they need first time, this doesn't compromise the creative way that they approach every project to ensure an engaging and innovative video production. Can't recommend them highly enough.

Olivia Pattullo - Project Manager, Experience Guildford

From the first meeting on, Jovan and Amy were total superstars and made us feel like the task was completely achievable and had really clear ideas about how they were going to present it all. Aside from making the whole process as easy as possible for us, we couldn't have been happier with the end result and were really impressed that such a brilliant product was delivered in very tight timescales.

Giles Thomas - Operations Director, The Manor Collection Hotels

We have contracted Square Daisy on several occasions to help market the Manor Collection Hotels. They have always been very professional and offered a fantastic service from proposal to completion. Jovan and Amy have been a delight to work with and we wouldn't hesitate recommending them to anyone.

Chris Veale - Director, Shippo

I can't talk highly enough of Square Daisy. Over the last couple of years they've made our business 4 fantastic videos. The first, an animated video to explain the service, has been viewed tens of thousands of times and has been a window to our service offering for potential customers. The others were 'talking heads' to allow us to explain more complicated aspects of the industry. The design, editing, videography and project management is exceptional and I will be using them again.

James Groves - Marketing Services Manager, Raven Housing Trust

We approached Square Daisy with a brief to produce a video that would help us get our messages across to our customers in a simple, yet engaging way. They absolutely nailed it. The animation video they produced for us is professional, quality, and it gets our messages across really well. It's been a pleasure working with Jovan and Amy, and we look forward to working with them on future projects.

Dave Povey - Founder and MD, Catchy

Recently had a video produced by square daisy for my new product. The service that I received from start to finish was 100%, couldnt fault them at all! Everything was done to how I imagined it and more, and the finished product was excellent. Would recommend them to anyone.

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