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You may be running a conference, exhibition, party, sporting, charity or political event and want to showcase how impressive it is to increase uptake the following year. You might also want to live stream it to the web to engage more people. Whatever your objective, we can help you with events videos.

Live events filming and live streaming to web.

Live events videos are a broad term for videos that cover a whole range of different objectives.  These might be:

  • Filming a conference to showcase afterwards in a bid to get more people to the next one
  • Getting footage of speakers and workshops through a conference to demonstrate credibility and expertise in the sector which lasts longer than the day of the event
  • Gathering content from a party or event where you want to showcase the location or setting, such as a high-end Christmas party in a marquee
  • Putting together an edit for a large exhibition to entice more visitors and exhibitors the following year
  • Live streaming an event direct to web based on limitations of venue size or distance for potential delegates to travel, or to increase revenues by showing a live stream from behind a pay-wall
  • Publicising charity or fundraising activities before and after the occasion

How does an event video work?

Often the event video will be a short edit which serves to give a snapshot of the main event itself.  The purpose is usually not to draw out the production by showing loads of footage from the day, but instead constructing a narrative of why the person watching it missed out and should be there next year.  It should also be more nuanced than just lots of footage panning from left to right and up and down of various rooms.

The whole point is to explain the value using compelling visuals.  We find that the best way of doing this is to spend some time before the event, putting together a storyboard and shot list that demonstrates the value of the conference or event before it takes place, so that the crew are in the right place at the right time gathering the right footage to edit the perfect event video.

To really help bring it to life and deliver more context, you can use advanced post production techniques such as on screen graphics, motion tracking and rotoscoping to name but a few.  You have to be careful to move away from just having standard footage with a voiceover explaining some platitudes about the conference as very quickly it starts to look like a 1989 public health service video.

There are so many different types of event, it can apply to many things, like a Christmas party, awards night, charity event, sporting event or school play.  We have all the equipment and expertise to film it and put together a really high quality post event video.

How do you go about putting these videos together?  

First of all we have a production meeting with you to find out all about the event, who will be interested in it, how the video will be used after the event and who will be watching it and for what purpose.  From this we can ensure the tone, message, style and delivery mechanism is absolutely right, because an exciting video is useless if it isn’t fit for purpose.

We then put together a storyboard to really ‘sell’ the event and compile a shot list, because we want to be in the right places at the right times to gather the best footage possible to deliver the narrative that we agree in the storyboard and the production schedule.

We aim to turn these videos around really quickly so that you can ride off the impact of the conference and the swell of social media coverage to maximise the impact.

How does the live streaming work?

In some cases, it is relevant and desired to put your event out there to a wider audience.  That might be because the venue can’t hold the number of people that wish to be part of the event, it may be because the conference is being held in a location that is hard for some to get to, or it might be that the price of attendance is really high and many can’t afford it.  Live streaming can work for any of these situations as we have the equipment to live stream the activity straight to the web, most commonly YouTube but depending on the level of complexity required and if it is to be sat behind a pay-wall, we can use several other facilities. For more information on our live streaming capabilities, read our blog on how we do it.

What are the benefits of a event video?

Creating a promotional video to sell your events can be a great way to create a buzz afterwards and generating more interest and uptake for the next one.  Where the venue can only hold a set number of people or geographical location causes an issue, you can reach way more people, particularly if you live stream the event, which we can do for you.  It’s also a great way to direct address your whole business and give them company updates if you are split across several locations or even countries.  These are just some of the benefits of event videos but we can make sure that we make it work for you and your business.

Some of our Event Videos videos

If events are a core part of your business and you want to reach more people, come and talk to us and we’ll match your needs with our expertise.

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