Animated Videos

Animated video production is a really flexible way to showcase your product or service in a way that would never be possible through live production footage.

Animated video production and motion graphics.

Animated video production for business is a very powerful way of letting your customers know what you do, and how you do it better than your competitors. Whether you choose a character animation or infographic, video can be very powerful too to attract your target audience. 

Animated videos work really well for businesses that want to demonstrate their creativity. As we are not bound by what you can physically film, there are no restrictions on what is possible, so let your imagination run wild! If you sell a product or a service, use an animated video to demonstrate things in a more direct way.

Square Daisy believe there are three main areas where animated video production is much better than traditional live video production.


Software is normally quite functional. Useful and not necessarily sexy. If your business sells software, you want to communicate to your customers the problem it solves and the benefits it brings. Animation video production allows you to paint a journey for your audience without having to film an actual computer screen, which creates a flicker. Having an animated video with ‘mocked up screens’ will allow you to go into detail as to how your product will change customers’ lives, and why they should buy from you.

Accountants and Solicitors

Businesses that sell an office-based service don’t have too much to show off. Customers are not interested in desks, books and computers! They want to know quickly, and efficiently, what you can do for them. So you could have an employee sitting in a chair to talk about the services offered, but perhaps not the most engaging option available.  With an animated video you can create multiple scenarios, throw text and statistics on screen to deliver a  more relevant and interesting script. Animation does not mean casual, we produce highly professional animated videos to appeal to your client group.

Multiple Locations

Imagine a video with multiple locations, fancy sets and complicated scenarios. Now consider how much time, effort and money you would need to have a crew travel to multiple destinations with additional days on set. Not to mention the extra editing time and actor budgets. With an animated video you can create everything thing you need from the comfort of our offices.  With our animated video for business Square Daisy give you value for money, more control over the final production and the ability to tailor the video to your exact needs.

“The great benefit that animated video production has over live action productions is that with live action, you can only film what exists.  With an animated or motion graphics production we can create the playground within which to tell your story – we are only limited by our own creativity and technology, and neither of those elements are particularly limiting.”

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How do you create an animated video?

The process is quite straightforward but there are a number of steps that need to be confirmed before we start, because once the video is edited the process of making changes becomes time consuming. We aim to ensure everything is just as you like it before we start. Our process is:

  • Establish the key messages of your video, taking into account your business history and target audience. We ensure the tone is tailored to your ideal customer
  • Create a script to make sure that the most effective points are told in a succinct way 
  • Develop a storyboard so you can see how we plan to ‘tell the story’ on screen 
  • Once amends have been made and approved, we create the graphics 
  • Edit the animated video using a piece of software called After Effects
  • The soundtrack is overlaid and then we send to you for any final changes
  • Your video is available to push out everywhere and anywhere!

Why choose Square Daisy?

As an agency our value is not only in our technical ability to manipulate graphics, but also in our process. We advise you on what we feel will work best, based on our experience and understanding of what is possible.  The team at Square Daisy each specialise in different things, and together we will create you a product that will help your business sell more and ensure that the right people see it.

Our top tips to getting your animated video production out there

  • Upload your animated video to YouTube. Write a great description so it is easily found by your potential customers. Use YouTube’s own pay per click campaign as it is often cheaper than a Google pay per click campaign 
  • Use Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, Twitter and add to your Google+ page to make sure that it reaches as many relevant people as possible
  • Use it as part of your sales presentations and in meetings so that potential clients understand your selling points straight away

If you want to know how we can help you to reach more people and make your animated video more successful, then speak to us about Square Daisy Visibility.

Some of our Animated Videos videos

Do you have a product or service that is hard to film? Do you have a process or workflow that makes you stand out from your competition? All of these things, and more, are perfect for animated video.

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